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It all began in 2012

Originale was created after more than two years of work and experience in a typical Italian store in Anchorage, Alaska. Thanks to all our loyal friends and customers and their love of real Italian food, we are bringing you a selection of first quality Italian specialties, home style baked goods and deli items.


Each dish is prepared by hand by our Chef Roseli Anzilotti, whose knowledge of European and South American foodways allows her to prepare dishes that are unmatched and unavailable outside our business. She specializes in sweet and savory Italian dishes, using a pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, and a spoonful of laughter. Her traditional recipes are of the highest quality and she prepares them with the finest Italian ingredients.


Sergio has mastered the art of customer service, and enjoys sharing the fine foods of his home region of Tuscany. Through carefully cultivated relationships to suppliers in Italy, he is able to provide high quality food items imported directly from Italy. His knowledge of the range of fine cheeses, pastas, oils and other specialties available in the store allows him to find just the right item for your dinner, party or picnic.


We would like to extend a thank you to everyone that helped make it possible for us to return in our new space, whether your assistance took the form of material support, a shoulder to cry on, a kind word, or even your positive thoughts. We owe our success to you.

Our Team



“The Husband” or Il Capo”

The one that slices all the meats and cheeses to perfection, makes our famous spicy sauce and potato salad. Also known as “The Dishwasher”. He was a mechanic for the majority of his life and now enjoys cleaning his slicer 1000x a day.



“The Wife” or “The Cook”

The one that is up at 3:30 in the morning to bake you fresh focaccia daily. Also responsible for making our lasagnas, delicious gelatos and desserts and keeping the plants happy. She has been working in the food Industry since a very young age and acquired all her knowledge from her mother.



“The Daughter” or The Busy One”

Married to Jake, mom of Aila. She graduated from Culinary Arts in 2015. She makes all the pinsas and art around the deli. She is also a healthy nut and animal lover. She has horses, a dog, a couple cats, and several chickens.



“The Son” or “The Tech”

Married to Lexi. Used to work in the front until he graduated from college to pursue his career as a NDT Technician. He now lives in Arizona and works behind the scenes in his time off doing web design.



“The troublemaker” also knows as “The Boss”

Six-year-old Aila is responsible for “colorful-ING” to go bags and keeping everyone in line.



“The Intruder” or The Helper”

Rene and Basil (her van) volunteered their time during Covid crisis in 2020 delivering meals through our Pay it Forward program. She is now stuck with us. She answers the phone and takes orders. Also the one responsible for writing non-sense things in the to go bags. Rene has at least three other jobs outside of Originale and is very successful at what she does.


Thank you for all the love throughout these years. Whether you are one of the many that have been following us since the beginning or you just found us, you are all amazing, and we wouldn’t be here today without your support 💚

Thank you, thank, thank you!! Originale Family

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